Newsletter Sep 13, 2019

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Back to School

As students, parents, and teachers prepare for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, I want to personally wish all of you a great and educational year. My door is always open for anyone who wants to discuss how we can improve education in our district and state. My colleagues in the NCGA and I are committed to making North Carolina an excellent state for students and teachers, which is why we included funding for teacher pay raises, school safety, and free lunches in our budget. I will continue to push for better education to ensure that students across our state receive the skills and knowledge they need to lead us into the future. 

Reducing Standardized Testing

This week, the Testing Reduction Act was signed into law after receiving bipartisan votes in the NCGA. This is great news for educators, students, and parents in our state because reducing the time that students spend taking standardized tests means that teachers have more classroom time. Beginning next school year, this legislation will eliminate over twenty state exams and mandates a study of the N.C. Personalized Assessment Tool. This new initiative will be tested over the next five years to replace end-of-grade assessments with shorter, more personalized tests throughout the school year. My colleagues and I at the NCGA are committed to giving teachers and students the resources they need to succeed in the classroom.

Budget Update

This week, the House Republicans in the NCGA voted to override Governor Cooper's veto of the budget. Stay tuned for more updates on the budget.


Great news for NC Ed-the Testing Reduction Act has been signed into law
NCSU is doing important work to ensure that NC Ag continues to grow
NCGA Republicans have set an undeniable precedent of responsible spending that has led to vast economic growth in NC
Knowing what to do in an emergency like Hurricane Dorian is critical
There are many solutions to healthcare in NC, but Gov. Cooper is ignoring these in favor of political posturing
Thanks to the NCGA's pro-growth policies, our state's economy continues to boom

A new law that will extend in-state tuition benefits to veterans and active-duty military members has been approved by the House
The NCGA budget includes critical funding for disaster relief that is being put at risk
The NCGA and Gov. Cooper were sent to Raleigh to pass legislation that will improve our state
Gov. Cooper should be more focused on improving our state and less on playing political games
Budget veto freezes $100 Million in disaster relief 
The NCGA passed a budget that boosts NC's economy, now it's time to sign it

I was proud to promote the branding of NC sweetpotatoes in the 2019 Farm Act
What is the price of Gov. Cooper's negligence? Over 1.5 million students in our state
The NCGA budget includes pay raises for teachers and state employees, among many other benefits
It was a pleasure to join the good folks at Franklin Co. Farm Bureau 



Lisa Stone Barnes

- Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes