Newsletter May 22, 2019

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Joey Carter of Joey Carter Farms
Joey Carter of Joey Carter Farms
Last week, I had the privilege of touring farms across our state with my colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee. This tour helped to put into perspective the faces behind our food and remind us all of the impact that decisions in the General Assembly have across our state. We have over 50,000 farms in North Carolina; that adds up to hundreds of thousands of jobs and over $76 billion added into our state’s economy each year. Our NC farm tour was an incredible day spent learning and celebrating the importance of agriculture in our state. 

Rep. Chris Humphrey
Rep. Chris Humphrey
Growing up on a hog farm and as a current sweet potato farmer, I understand the hard work involved with providing food for our state. During my time in office, I have had the opportunity to meet with local farmers, members of the NC Farm Bureau, and other actors in the agriculture field to discuss the importance of agriculture in our state and how we can provide the support that farmers deserve. I will continue support  farmers and rural economic development.  

  • I am proud to have voted for H.B. 387 which allocated $10 million towards to the Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) program to expand broadband in rural counties by allowing electric co-operatives to participate in the process.
  • H.B. 398, which I sponsored, further expanded high-speed internet access by allocating $15 million to the GREAT program and better defining the application process to bring this access to more areas of our state.
  • High-speed internet access has become a vital need for economic and educational development and I am dedicated to enabling this growth by supporting farmers and the communities who house them.