Newsletter May 02, 2019

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NC House Budget

Last Friday, the Republican-led NC House approved a $23.9 billion budget proposal that continues the balanced spending started by previous budgets approved by Republican-led General Assemblies. This fiscal responsibility earned our state unanimous AAA credit ratings, back-to-back Best State for Business Awards, and allowed us to reach a record high of $1.9 billion in the rainy day reserve. Conservative budgeting has worked for North Carolina in recent years and it will continue to do so under the 2019 Appropriations Act by prioritizing education, families, disaster relief, and infrastructure. Here are the highlights of the NC House budget:

Investing in Education: 
Education is the top priority of NCGA Republicans. The House budget provides millions of dollars for teacher pay raises of up to $8,500 and $35 million towards classroom supplies and updated textbooks. Furthermore, $75 million is appropriated to improve school safety to ensure that all students in our state feel safe when learning. Republicans in the NCGA understand that education is the best way to invest in the future of our state and we are committed to advocating for the best educational resources available.

Improving Broadband Access and Other Infrastructure: 

The NC House budget includes a $30 million commitment to the Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) program. This is excellent news for our district and our state because it will further expand broadband access to rural areas. Republicans in the NCGA understand the necessity of expanding broadband access for education and small business success in rural areas of our state. We will continue to advocate for the success of rural North Carolinians. Additionally, $953 million will be transferred to the State Capital Infrastructure Fund in order to make necessary improvements to infrastructure systems that our state needs. With a rapidly growing population, it is imperative that North Carolina have the best roads and systems available to make our state an even more attractive location for businesses and families. NCGA Republicans have put the needs of North Carolinians first in the House budget by expanding broadband access in rural North Carolina, planning for population growth, and encouraging business investment. 

Expanding Disaster Relief: 
The Republican-led NC House budget directs $94 million to the disaster relief fund to assist victims of Hurricane Florence. This expansion of our disaster relief fund will help everyday North Carolinians, particularly farmers, to repair the damages incurred by Hurricane Florence. Republicans in the NCGA are committed to helping citizens in our state to get back on solid footing to improve their quality of life.

Providing Economic Freedom and Responsible Spending:
The NC House budget increases the zero-tax bracket for working families to allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money. Republicans in the NC House know that hardworking North Carolinians deserve tax breaks and that our state's economy is at its best when our citizens are given more economic freedom. The House budget also caps state budget growth at 3% and commits most of the new funding to education, further demonstrating Republicans' commitment to education in our state. 

The NC House budget champions conservative spending, which has served North Carolina very well in past years. The NCGA's Fiscal Research Division expects "extraordinary growth" in tax payments that will result in a $700 million budget surplus. This is excellent news for our state's economy and proves the effectiveness of Republican-led budgets. 


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