Newsletter Mar 15, 2019

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National Agriculture Day

Yesterday, March 14th, was National Agriculture Day, reminding us to appreciate the impact that the over 50,000 farms in our state have on our economy. I am proud to have supported Senate Bill 77, which extends the deadline to apply for relief from the agricultural devastation caused by Hurricane Florence. This will enable more farmers in our state to receive support for the financial and crop damage that they experienced. Born and raised on a hog farm in Nash County and as a current sweet potato farmer, I appreciate firsthand the hardworking farmers that provide for us all.

Law Enforcement Assault Bill Passes the House Unanimously 

I am proud to have been primary sponsor of H.B. 224, which passed the house unanimously 116-0. H.B. 224 would increase the punishment for assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer from a Class E felony to a Class D felony, requiring jail time. I am co-sponsoring this bill in honor of Officer Tom Brakeen, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2017. I am incredibly grateful to all the brave men and women in law enforcement who risk their safety to protect ours.

School Safety

The North Carolina House has recently demonstrated overwhelming support for H.B. 73, H.B. 75, and H.B. 76, which aim to increase school safety and mental health by implementing more education on civic responsibility and a study to recommend a mental health screening process for students in our state. As a mother of three, I personally understand the importance of school safety. I am proud to support these bills to protect our students and increase their mental health.

Education Bond Act of 2019

The state House has given initial approval to the proposed $1.9 billion school construction bond, which would provide $1.5 billion to K-12 school systems, $200 million for the University of North Carolina system, and $200 million for the North Carolina Community College system. This bond will place the greatest emphasis on counties in our state with the greatest needs by distributing funds based on a low-wealth basis and giving each county at least $10 million for construction or repair of educational infrastructure. I am proud to co-sponsor this education bond to invest in education to support students, teachers, and our state’s future.

Teacher Pay Raise

The North Carolina General Assembly, under Republican leadership, has continued to increase teacher pay in the past five years, including a 9.5% raise in just the last year to move our state up 18 spots in the national teacher pay rankings. We are able to support our teachers through pay raises because of our excellent credit rating and booming economy. I am proud of Republican leadership for spearheading this issue in order to support and keep excellent teachers in our state. I will continue to support the teachers and students in our district to give our students the best opportunities available.


NC continues to invest in education
Happy National Agriculture Day
Thank You Speaker Moore for Your Leadership on Education Bond Act of 2019
The NC House is being proactive to ensure school safety
Celebrating North Carolina's Official State Frozen Treat
Pleasure to be in Nash Co. for new Southern Nash Senior Center ribbon cutting
NC is home to 1,400 peanut farmers
As a mother of three, I personally understand the importance of school safety
Thank you to the Coastal Pines Girl Scouts and leadership for meeting with me today
Proud of Republican leadership on raising teacher pay
Proud to announce H.B. 224 passed the house 116-0



Lisa Stone Barnes

- Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes