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February was a productive month at the General Assembly. North Carolina's Fiscal Research Division and Office of Budget and Management forecasts a $150 million revenue surplus and solid employment as well as individual wage growth for the 2019-2020 biennium. The House has also approved a proposed constitutional amendment to strengthen private property rights against eminent domain land takings by the state.

Notably, the House also introduced a $1.9 billion school construction bond proposal to give more students 21st century classrooms across North Carolina. In addition, 4 bills (H.B. 73, H.B. 74, H.B. 75 & H.B. 76) have been introduced that will address issues presented within the House Select Committee on School Safety's report

In addition to having productive conversations surrounding expanding broadband access in our district, I am also proud to have co-sponsored several bills including: H.B. 224H.B. 185, and H.B. 88

Sponsored Bills

H.B. 224 (Law Enforcement)- which will increase the punishment for assault with a firearm on law enforcement officers. 

I am proud to co-sponsor HB 224, which would increase the penalty for assaulting an officer to a Class E felony, requiring jail time. I am co-sponsoring this bill in honor of Shelby Policy Officer Tim Brackeen, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2017. Our police officers are everyday people – moms and dads – who demonstrate extraordinary bravery just by walking out the door and going to work. Any criminal who threatens them with a firearm deserves mandatory jail time and police officers deserve to know that North Carolina stands with them and we understand the risks they take to protect our communities. 

H.B. 185 (Healthcare)- the SAVE Act, which will provide greater access to healthcare, particularly in rural communities.

The SAVE Act, will provide greater healthcare coverage across our state, especially in rural communities like in our district. This bill will modernize healthcare by removing regulations on Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), allowing them to practice at the top of their skill level without the need for a physician. In rural North Carolina, physicians are scarce and many older adults in particular suffer from this lack of access. The SAVE Act will diminish this burden on rural North Carolina. This plan will drive down medical costs while continuing to give quality healthcare to North Carolinians. I look forward to passing the SAVE Act to expand quality healthcare treatment to the rural areas of our state.

H.B. 88 (Education)- to provide additional flexibility to local boards of education in adopting the school calendar. 

HB 88 will allow certain school boards in our district to determine the opening and closing dates of our schools. This will allow teachers the time they need to teach our children and help them master their material. Earlier start dates can potentially provide more instructional time before statewide assessment tests.

Legislative Website

My legislative website is now active. Be sure to visit it for legislative updates, community events, news, and more. 


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