Newsletter Jul 29, 2019

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The State Budget

Although the State budget has been passed by both chambers of the NC General Assembly and prioritizes education, state employee pay raises, disaster relief, and rural broadband expansion, it has been vetoed by Gov. Cooper. Gov. Cooper stated that the NCGA budget is “a failure of common sense and common decency,” but I think that families in our state would disagree. This budget includes:

  • $150 million to the GREAT program to increase broadband in rural communities
  • $91 million in school safety measures to protect students in our state, and
  • $350 million over the next two years to help teachers buy classroom supplies.

These issues should not be put in the middle of a partisan standoff—North Carolinians
deserve to benefit from the budget they pay for. More specifically, the State budget
has great benefits for our district.

In addition to $112 million in disaster relief funding state-wide, Franklin County public
schools and Nash County public schools will gain $14,047,855 and $16,943,741,
respectively, to use towards school construction. Additionally, our district will see
funding I have worked hard to assure:

  • $50,000 to the Franklin County Farmers Market
  • $15,000 to the Middlesex Police Department
  • $15,000 to the town of Bailey downtown revitalization
  • $15,000 to the Northeast Franklin County Revitalization Committee

This State budget is good for our district and for our state. It continues successful
pro-growth policies that have produced record jobs, low unemployment, and historic
savings. Now, it is time to pass the budget so North Carolina can continue this progress.

Read more about our State budget and how Gov. Cooper is placing education, state
employee salary, disaster relief, and school safety funding at risk in my
Op-Ed in The Wilson Times


Successful pro-growth policies of lower taxes, fewer regulations, and responsible
spending in the State budget

Investments in education, increases in teacher and state employees salaries, and
disaster relief in the State budget

The page program is an excellent way to learn first hand how state government

I had the pleasure of meeting with farmers in Craven Co. to discuss their challenges
NC House unanimously approves bill to increase safety in public schools
NC continues to stay ahead of the curve by being an excellent state for women in

Gov. Cooper's "Medicaid-or-nothing" demands on the budget is creating uncertainty
for students, teachers, and schools

The state budget approved by the NCGA provides resources for broadband

The needs of North Carolinians should always be prioritized over party affilliation 


Lisa Stone Barnes

- Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes