Newsletter Jul 19, 2019

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Protecting Law Enforcement

H.B. 224, a bill that I sponsored and will increase the penalty for assaulting law enforcement officers with a firearm to require jail time, is now law in North Carolina. This is an important step to make North Carolina a safer state for law enforcement officers.

This bill was written in response to several law enforcement officers who have died or been wounded in firearm assaults across our state, namely Trooper Harrell who was shot on the Nash County line in January, and Shelby City Police K-9 Officer Tim Brackeen who was shot in September of 2016 while trying to serve a warrant. Law enforcement officers are our friends, family, and neighbors—ordinary North Carolinians making an extraordinary sacrifice for us, and they deserve the support of the NCGA and our state. 

Education and the NC Budget

In late June, the NC House passed a bipartisan budget which included pay raises for teachers and State employees, disaster relief funding, a commitment to expand rural broadband access, and other necessary funding. In less than 24 hours, Governor Cooper vetoed this budget and placed these necessary programs and initiatives at risk.

The Governor and Democrats in the NC House have created a stand-off over our state’s budget by placing funding for teacher pay raises, school safety, and classroom supplies in the middle of a political game. This is unacceptable for the citizens of North Carolina whose tax dollars pay for this budget and who deserve to benefit from the programs within it. 

Stay informed about the NC State Budget by liking my page on Facebook or following my account on Twitter. I will posting regular updates about how their tax dollars are being spent within the budget and what stage of the approval process we


SB 320 will protect communities from unnecessary expenses
My continued support for school calendar flexibility 
I have great admiration for the NC National Guard's 30th Armed Brigade Combat Team 
NC partners with Sandy Hook Promise to protect our schools

Because of political posturing, education funding and resources are being withheld
HB 224 is now law in North Carolina
The NCGA budget serves as a pro-growth fiscal policy to continue stimulating our economy
NC has been named the 3rd best state for business because of our economy and venture capital opportunities


Lisa Stone Barnes

- Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes