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Governor Cooper's Budget Veto

Last week, the NC House passed a $24 billion budget in a bipartisan vote that included teacher pay raises, additional disaster relief funding, rural broadband expansion, pay raises for state employees, and other necessary resources. This budget continues the pattern of responsible spending in the past decade that has made North Carolina a thriving economy. However, Governor Cooper vetoed the budget less than 24 hours after receiving it, putting these necessary resources at risk. North Carolinians deserve a budget that works for them and places their interests over partisan politics. 

Expanding Rural Broadband Access
The NC House Budget includes a $15 million commitment to the Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) program to expand broadband access to rural areas of North Carolina. Internet access has become a vital necessity for economic development and Republicans in the NCGA understand the importance of bolstering rural economies and will continue to act in the best interests of rural North Carolinians. However, Governor Cooper has disregarded the needs of rural citizens in our state to play a political game that puts partisan politics ahead of rural development.  

Improving Education
Within the House budget are provisions that will raise the average teacher salary in North Carolina to $54,600. This pay raise continues the great work that Republicans in the NCGA have done over the past several years to make North Carolina a more competitive state for education. Additionally, the budget includes $15 million each year to be used for classroom supplies. This will allow teachers to receive the tools they need to successfully educate students in our state. Unfortunately, through the Governor’s veto, the benefits for NC education in this budget have been overlooked and the education of students in North Carolina hangs in the balance.

Expanding Disaster Relief
The NC House budget also provides over $100 million in hurricane relief funding to be used for debris removal, replacement of emergency response equipment, and search-and-rescue squad grants. Nearly three years after Hurricane Matthew, North Carolina is still recovering and this budget aims to finish this work and plan for the next disaster. Hurricane victims in our state and their interests should to be treated as a priority by our state's leaders and I will continue to advocate for more effective disaster relief spending. 

Protecting Sexual Assault Victims
Additionally, the NC House budget also allocates $8 million to analyze and outsource untested sexual assault evidence kits to help clear the backlog of untested kits in North Carolina. This will make our state a safer place for sexual assault victims by giving them the justice they deserve. Governor Cooper has unfortunately made these victims pawns in his political game, instead of acting in the best interests of our state. I hope that we can work together to treat sexual assault victims in North Carolina with dignity. 


The NCGA budget allocates money to bolster rural economies, education, and sexual assault victims in NC
The NCGA budget would make average teacher salary $54,600
Included in the NCGA budget is a 2.5% raise for most State employees
The Republican-led NCGA budget gives $15 million to the GREAT program to expand broadband access
Increasing the zero-tax bracket helps NC families keep more of their hard-earned money
Republicans in the NCGA are expanding disaster relief
Hurricane Matthew victims deserve better efficiency and effectiveness 
It was an honor to have Mr. Sidney Walton on the House floor
We are forever indebted to those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom
I was humbled to attend the ceremony honoring US Army PFC William Hoover Jones of Nash Co.


Lisa Stone Barnes

- Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes