Newsletter Aug 19, 2019

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Disaster Relief

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Kornegay Farms with Senator Brent Jackson and the NC Farm Bureau. Kornegay Farms is one of the many family owned farms in our state that is still recovering one year after Hurricane Florence. Growing up on a farm and working in agribusiness, I understand the impact that natural disasters can have on family farms and the importance of giving these farms the resources they need to recover. In the NCGA budget, Republicans have included over $100 million in disaster relief funding to increase debris removal and necessary relief equipment. However, this funding cannot be accessed due to Governor Cooper's political posturing and his unwillingness to sign the NCGA's balanced budget. Through my seat on the House Select Committee on Disaster Relief, I will continue to work diligently to give North Carolinians the resources they need after disaster strikes. 

Budget Surplus

Earlier this month, the Fiscal Research Division of the NC General Assembly announced that revenue collections for our state’s 2018-19 Fiscal Year were $896.7 million above expectations. This large budget surplus is due to North Carolina’s eight-year pattern of responsible spending, debt reduction, and tax reform, led by Republicans in the General Assembly. The NCGA budget for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year continues these successful patterns and also includes pay raises for teachers and State employees, disaster relief, rural broadband expansion, and hundreds of millions of dollars in education funding. However, Governor Cooper still refuses to sign our budget or to negotiate with Republicans in the NCGA. We are prepared to continue our state’s economic prosperity, and it is time for the Governor to sign the budget so North Carolinians can benefit from the programs they pay for.

Expanding Healthcare in NC

Last week, S.B. 86, the Small Business Health Care Act, passed the state House with a bipartisan 82-32 vote. This legislation allows small businesses, sole proprietors, and independent contractors to create group health plans to offer affordable insurance for their employees. These plans will lower the cost of healthcare coverage for many North Carolinians by allowing small businesses to benefit from the products offered to large corporations, regulated by the state Department of Insurance. Helping small businesses to succeed is a top priority of the NCGA, and this bill will help them compete in the marketplace by offering affordable healthcare insurance to their employees. This bill will greatly impact family farms in our district, and is one way the NCGA has committed to expanding rural healthcare. I am proud to have voted to support small businesses in our state and will continue to be a strong advocate for rural healthcare expansion. 


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It was a pleasure to attend the 10th annual Community Appreciation Banquet at Tom Farms
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Highlighting the struggles of NC agriculture and the destruction of Hurricane Florence
I enjoyed visiting Kornegay Farms to discuss the impact of Hurricane Florence 
It was an honor to participate in the ribbon cutting of the new Harvest Family Health Center Dental Clinic
On Purple Heart Day, we honor and remember those who have given greatly in service to our country
I was honored to attend the promotion ceremony for Major Danny E. Britt, Jr
The budget Gov. Cooper is holding hostage funds critical needs
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I was honored to join Speaker Moore on a tour of the Wilson Co. Animal Shelter
Thank you to the ECU Brody School of Medicine for hosting NCGA members
Revenue collections for NC's 2018-19 Fiscal Year were $896.7 million above expectations



Lisa Stone Barnes

- Rep. Lisa Stone Barnes